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  Rob Parkinson D.Hyp. Psych (UK), HG Dip

Rob Parkinson holds qualifications in counselling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy as well as in teaching and works with the full range of concerns at the Tonbridge centre and elsewhere.

He is also well known as an author and professional storyteller, running courses for therapists and others in the medical and caring professions in uses of metaphor, guided imagery and storytelling.

Therapeutic approach:  Rob brings an
imaginative, friendly, common sense approach free from all psychobabble to both
individual and shared therapysessions. In recent years, his work in all fields has been very much informed by the Human Givens approach and he holds the Human Givens diploma, recently described as ‘the gold standard’ in the brief therapy field. He works with all ages, from children and teenagers to adults and has documented some extraordinary successes with both common and uncommon client concerns. He has also acted as stress consultant to several business and charities and runs occasional public courses in stress management.

Performance: As a former international performer, Rob Parkinson also brings special knowledge and practical experience of performance psychology and he has worked with some leading sports people, musicians etc. as well with ordinary people wishing to develop confidence skills for public presentation or simply for personal development.

Storytelling/publishing: A former chair of the Society for Storytelling, Rob has recorded various CDs and written extensively on storytelling and on the practical uses of storytelling approaches. He directs Imaginary Journeys, which publishes booklets and audio products and organises courses in this area.

Free Talks: Rob will give free talks on practical therapeutic approaches to local voluntary organisations and also for doctors' practices, social work groups etc. Please telephone or e-mail to discuss this.


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