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Losing weight: The majority of people coming to this section of the site will be concerned with matters of obesity and weight loss. Those are the main topics dealt with here, though there are points of relevance to those with other weight concerns and we do also deal with those at the centre.

People consulting a therapist for weight loss may well have tried both dieting and exercise routes with a frustrating lack of success. They may well have read many books and attended groups and courses. They are often left with a feeling of powerlessness.

Intelligent therapy for weight concerns
  • does not encourage extreme forms of dieting
  • does not endorse crash programmes of violent exercise.
  • does, however, encourage clients to think about diet carefully and make necessary changes
  • does, however, support a balanced and developing programme of exercise
  • works to increase motivation and confidence
  • examines and defuses any troubling and relevant past experiences quickly and efficiently
  • avoids psychobabble
  • develops realistic strategies for weight loss
  • combines these strategies with ways of meeting more general needs better
  • treats the client holistically as a unique individual, whilst using the best scientifically informed methods

The form of therapy practised at the clinic is tailored to suit you, what you want to achieve and how you can best achieve it in your own way. It may also involve particular mild hypnotic techniques designed to help you to break certain habits. Associated solution-focused counselling will help you to address ways in which you can use natural optimism, solve any problems, remove obstacles, develop confidence and so on.

Can you treat me in such a way that I will automatically lose weight?

No, of course not. Therapy is not a branch of magic - though its effects can feel quite magical. The therapy that is most effective in the long term will help you to develop your conscious willpower so that you can make your own choices about exercise and diet, boosting your unconscious resources, allowing you to alter automatic patterns. It will also help you to feel better about yourself, which is often the key to effective change.

How can I prepare?

If you have booked a session, you may have already been asked to gather information about your pattern of diet or exercise or about motivation or negative thinking etc. It’s best to do this calmly, simply observing and noting typical habits you think should change as well as recording abilities, enjoyments, satisfactions etc. you’d like to keep and/or develop.

How many sessions will I need?

This depends on you. It may take three or more (usually up to five) sessions at the initial stage or you may decide to work on other issues around (for example) motivation and confidence. Some choose to continue in contact with us, making use of our services in life coaching. Some clients at the initial stage choose to have weekly session whilst others prefer fortnightly or monthly appointments.


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