Rob Parkinson

Photograph: Richard Kaby

Rob Parkinson holds qualifications in counselling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy as well as in teaching and works with the full range of concerns at the Tonbridge centre.

He is also well known as a professional storyteller, running courses for therapists and others in the medical and caring professionals in therapeutic uses of metaphor, guided imagery and storytelling.

Rob is the author of several books.

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Therapeutic approach

Rob brings an imaginative, friendly, down-to-earth but always insightful approach, free from all psychobabble.

He has more than twenty years of experience in working with all kinds of concerns and has done very extensive work with military veterans and emergency service workers suffering with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and victims of abuse of all kinds, regularly also helping many people with anxiety, depression and other common concerns.

He has also done much work with children and teenagers. His approach is informed by the powerful yet holistic Human Givens synthesis of the best scientific and therapeutic ideas and techniques.


As an active international performer of four decades experience on five continents, Rob also brings special knowledge and experience of performance psychology and has worked with leading sports people, musicians and other performers as well as ordinary people wishing to develop confidence for public presentations, examinations and interviews or simply for personal development.

Storytelling and publishing

Rob is a former chair of the Society for Storytelling and has published extensively on the art of storytelling and the practical uses of storytelling, as well as producing audio recordings and publishing music, plus poetry and songs. You can find out more about this side of Rob’s work at